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Save time with an automated Settlement Adjustment Sheet

Titlex provides conveyancing firms an efficient and effortless way to create accurate settlement statements with our intuitive document manager tools in Microsoft Word.

NSW: Settlement Adjustment Sheet

The New South Wales Settlement Adjustment Sheet includes a Document manager which accounts for each of the adjustment options. As you create each of the adjustments, the form will automatically recalculate the figures as you go.
Water usage can be adjusted based on either daily consumption or the last two readings with an option to calculate using tiers.
You can also create miscellaneous adjustments as a one off, or you can save them for future use by your firm.

Federal and State conveyancing cost calculator

The benefits of using TitleX for settlements:

  • Data is only entered once and is retained and fully updateable.

  • Forms are constantly kept up-to-date with legislative and cost changes.

  • Settlement date changes are amended from the matter or document.

  • Calculations are automated, eliminating the hassle of broken Excel formulas.

  • Automation and one point of data entry reduces human error and staff training needs.

Effortless and accurate settlement statements

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